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Happy Thursday!

We have a LOT to cover; we will try to keep this short and sweet, and as always, we have an open door policy, so feel free to reach out with any questions.


FIRST: Today (6/29) is our last full ROMWOD day. We will still incorporate mobility work on a regular basis, but we feel we have reached our goal in helping you all understand the importance of being able to achieve natural positions, and have given you the tools to do that. In fact, a lot of you have actually already started incorporating ROMWOD into your daily regimen at home, and we are so impressed by that and thankful that you guys take this stuff seriously.

With that said, we will still have one full ROMWOD day on the last Thursday of each month.


Our first beginner’s session is nearing it’s final weeks, and we will soon be ushering some of them into our regular class times. We expect our community to exceed our expectations in welcoming some new faces to our classes. Share that Kool-Aid, right?!

Beginning July 24th, we will be offering required Elements classes for those new to CrossFit on an ongoing bi-weekly basis. We are still urging people to schedule their free intro/consultation with us via our website here (or by contacting us directly) prior to beginning. We are certain that this is the best way to integrate newcomers with our regular classes, as we know that there tends to be a bit of an adjustment period when first starting CrossFit. Have some Olympic weightlifting experience, or CrossFit experience, and think you will be able to skip the Elements program? Awesome! Let’s get that free session scheduled and we can discuss the subject further and decide which next steps to take.

We can start signing those interested up now. The Elements program will be made up of 6 sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for two weeks. The cost is $69/person, but the fee is waived for those who commit to a contract, so keep that in mind. These class sizes will be very small to ensure that you get lots of quality, individualized coaching. So click on that link above, schedule that session, and let’s get you signed up.


BINGO! So many of you are crushing those bingo spaces, and we are having such a blast watching the creativity, the strength, and the shenanigans displayed since we’ve started. It’s not too late to join in on the fun, as the last day to complete bingo spaces is July 29th.


Holy cow, you guys. Gainzzzz for days, seriously. We will continue to work this cycle until the end of July, and we plan to re-test one of the benchmark WODs that we’ve already done. MEASURABLE PROGRESS. We love it.

Once we near the end of the strength cycle, we will have a heavy volume week, so be ready to do some work. We will then de-load, test the benchmark WOD, and then be prepared to move on to the next cycle… gymnastics and midline stabilization. How fun will that be?


We have some other fun ideas in the works for the end of summer… In-house competition. Community events. All of it. Stay tuned!