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ALL the Announcements… Please read!

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Hi, friends!

We have SO much to talk about.

FIRST, with summer coming, lots of you are busy in the evenings while the sun is still out and there are activities going on around town. With that said, we have decided to take the 6:30pm class off the regular schedule after June 1st (last regular 6:30pm class will be Thursday, June 1st). Don’t worry, we will bring it back after summer is over! In the meantime, however, we will be using that time frame to run our On-Ramp program, geared toward beginners that have little to no experience with barbells and foundational movements (or may be a little rusty), in order to educate those who are new to the CrossFit way of life. We will run this in two 6-week sessions. More details on that soon; if you have friends that have been on the fence, this is something you’ll want to share. Space will be limited.

SECOND: We are considering adding some open gym hours a couple times a week for the community members that have invested in Unlimited Membership. This will be a supervised session, and will give you a chance to either make up a missed WOD, utilize Crossover Symmetry, or work on lifts that you feel you need a little extra help with. Open gym hours would be outside of class times. Let us know if you have any input, and if it’s something you’d like to see happen at CrossFit Glendive. Days would likely vary each week.

THIRD: School is nearly out for the summer! Woohoo! With that said, we expect some of you to be bringing your kids along with you to class. We would like you mamas and papas to get together and discuss the possibility of all attending the same class, then helping each other out with childcare. It takes a village, right? We can’t have any kids in the workout room. It’s a rule that’s been in place for some time, but easily becomes forgotten, so we just want to make sure we all understand the expectations. It’s far too dangerous to let children in the space during class with barbells dropping and people trying to improve their times and get the WOD done without distraction. We as coaches are unable to provide supervision over minors when we are teaching class, as our members rely on us for proper teaching and ensuring sound movement. The easy solution would be to connect with other parents at the gym and work out a way to trade off helping out with your kiddos. We do have all that space outside of the workout room available, too, and kids are more than welcome to be in there (as long as rowers aren’t being played on, etc.).

ALSO: We understand that life is crazy, so please be sure you arrive on time and ready to begin your warm-up as soon as the class time begins. We are trying to maximize the time that we have and program our classes nearly right to the minute. SO, the new rule is, even if you are late for class, you still must complete 10 minutes of warming up and all the dynamic stretches. If this means that everyone else has begun accessory work/strength work after their warm-up/stretching, you will likely miss out on some of that. We can’t cut corners and miss the key first components of class as they are too important. It’s also not fair to our other members for the coaches to backtrack and address the late-comers’ needs when we need to make sure everyone else is on track. Thanks for understanding!


ROMWOD: We are still implementing ROMWOD for every class, every Thursday. This will not be a “forever” thing. We are proud of you guys for committing and taking this mobility stuff seriously. The sooner we can get everyone in healthier, more natural positions, the sooner we can bring back more WOD action on Thursdays. Let’s work hard on it in the meantime. We’ve given you tons of stretches that you can do on your own time; our suggestion? Do them. Do them whenever you can. Take this stuff for what it is; it’s really powerful, it just takes time. We have to fight against the way our posture has evolved (thanks, electronics, desks, and jobs that require so much sitting). The good news is that we can reverse this! Remember that if any position during ROMWOD legitimately hurts, back off a little. Use the tools we provide during the sessions to scale your position. It’s meant to be very PASSIVE. No need to pull hard to get into these positions. It takes time to accomplish a lot of them, so be patient, keep coming, and do whatever you can on your own time to improve.


On to some funner stuff:

Our first annual Memorial Day “Murph” & BBQ is comin’ up! T-shirt orders have been placed, and we expect that they will look SHARP. There is no cost to attend, so just bring your favorite side dish and your own beverages (we do have water) for after the WOD. Don’t want to participate in the WOD? Just come for the BBQ! We should have food ready by 11:00am-11:30am. Remember that we need a head count. Those who have already RSVPed either in person or on Facebook will have first dibs on the food.

We will actually be running the first heat for “Murph” at 9am to be sure everyone has the space they need to complete it. We are asking that, if possible, those of you who are planning on RXing the workout be some of the first to begin. Be thinking about strategy! How will you partition reps? What’s your game plan? Remember that if we ask you to scale, it’s truly for your own benefit.

And YES, you can bring your kids! If you plan to complete Murph, you can start at about 10am, as at least one of the coaches will be available to wrangle your kidlets so you can get it done!

This will be such a wonderful way to honor those who served and died for our country.